Maximising Student Learning Potential

MeeOpp is a highly customised learning system that brings together students, teachers and parents in a cutting-edge and innovative way. Top international schools and local schools rely on our technological systems to further enhance the learning experience for students and teachers.

Who We Are

Our team is young, driven, and passionate about learning and education. We believe that technology used in the right way can help optimise each and every student’s learning abilities. We are here to work with students, teachers and parents to address some of the 21st century’s toughest problems in learning and education.

Our Vision

Learning has never been easy. Every student is unique and every students’ needs vary. We are here to help offer solutions that are tailored to every student’s learning needs. Over time, we hope to help maximise every student’s learning potential through our learning systems.

Join Us

If you are passionate and driven about making a difference and problem solving in the education and tech space, please contact us here.