Online Chinese Language Learning With MeeOpp

At MeeOpp, we believe that technology can expedite the way we learn things. Other than making learning more accessible, and collecting more users to teach and learn from others across the world, we believe that technology is altering the way we learn, retain information and challenging ourselves.


Who We Are

Our founders attended Cornell University, and are passionate about learning and education. We believe that education can change lives. We also believe that learning a language equips you with the skills to access more opportunities.


Technology can help bring down traditional barriers in the learning space - and we want to help solve that problem by providing connectivity, accessibility, and 1-1 customised attention to all of those who want to learn. But also guaranteeing quality and ensuring that it is affordable pricing.

Our Commitment

Instructor Lydia

Online Training Made Fun

At MeeOpp, we understand that students learn the fastest when they are happiest. Our fun and engaging curriculums are designed with the students' needs in mind.

Catered To All Background

Our curriculum team consists of experts from a wide variety of background, including: finance, business, economics, social sciences, music, education, technology, and linguisticcs. The curriculum team works tirelessly through the day to perfect our lessons for students of all background. They interact with students and teachers on a daily basis to ensure that we are constantly improving our content.


Our Partners

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