3 Ways To Show Respect Towards Your Boss


Your boss.


Whether you love them, hate them or fear them, they must have done something right to be ordering you around. Regardless of how you feel about them, you should respect your boss. Sometimes, this involves seemingly insignificant actions that, if done, will show your boss that you have basic etiquette. This might affect your next promotion. Here are 3 ways to show respect towards your boss.

  1. Stand up when being spoken to



You might seem hard at work if you are busily typing away at your desk. However, it may give your boss the impression that your work is more important than listening to him/her.


Always stand up when your boss talks to you! Your body language can tell others that you are taking their words seriously and showing respect.

2. Follow up on given tasks



How would you feel if you ask a friend to help you and they subsequently forget about it?


The same applies when a task is given to you by your boss. Falling behind schedule could imply that you have been ignoring instructions, hence showing disrespect.

Always double-check your assignments and due dates! This will show you are responsible and respectful.

3. Send appropriately-written emails



Since emails are workplace communications, they should be treated as serious matters. Don’t reply with a poop emoji as you do in Whatsapp. You should always send emails to your boss (and virtually everyone else) in a formal style. Always:

Start with a clear email subject. Your boss will immediately know what you want to discuss.

Begin with “Dear…” (e.g. “Dear Mr Smith”).

Get straight into your purpose. Don’t beat around the bush.

Close your emails by referring back to who you are addressing. (e.g. “I look forward to hearing from you”)

With these techniques, you’ll come across as a more respectful and professional person to your boss. Maybe you’ll be one step closer to a promotion…


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