5 best street foods in Beijing!


5 best street foods in Beijing!


First time in Beijing? Here are some things that you definitely should try.


1) 炸酱面(Zhá jiàng miàn)

Let’s start with something savoury first. 炸酱面 in Beijing is made with your normal 炸酱 sauce and is mixed with Garlic, Spring Onion, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts, and sliced Fatty Pork. You can also choose to add other toppings available at the stall. 炸酱面 is available in many other places, but it’s not something you want to miss when in Beijing.

2) 灌肠 (Guàncháng)

灌肠,or more commonly known as “Filled Sausage”, is a well-known snack in Beijing. It originates from the Ming Dynasty and is made with pork intestine, starch mixed with multi-spices. The pork intestine is washed and cleared and is stuffed with pastes of flour mixed with spices. The sausage is boiled, cut into slices, and then fried.

3) 冰糖葫芦 (Bīngtánghúlu)

Ever wondered what everyone is holding on the streets of Beijing? Yep, that‘s right. It’s 冰糖葫芦!冰糖葫芦 is a famous sweet snack in Beijing where fruits are placed on bamboo sticks. Later, vendors will dip the fruits into malt syrup, hardening the outside layer in the air. 冰糖葫芦 is a snack most commonly seen in the north of China and during the winter.

4) 肚 (Dù)

This may come as a surprise to you, but tripe is actually a common dish in China. Vendors usually serve Cow or Lamb Tripe boiled. This is an extremely popular dish that is most commonly served while hot since it can be quite chewy when cold.

5) 烤鸭 (Kǎoyā)

Although this isn’t “street food” per se, the most famous dish in all of Beijing undoubtedly would be 烤鸭, which is roasting Peking Duck. The duck is sliced into thin pieces, where it’s placed and put into a thin pancake with sliced cucumbers, scallions, and sweet sauce. The wrap is then rolled, and served!

What are you waiting for? Go eat!



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