7 Steps You’ll Need To Deliver A Level 7 Chinese IOC Speech


Greet your teacher

Think about it – what is the IOC’s purpose

The main objective of this exam is to prove your abilities in being able to hold a conversation in mandarin. It’s meant to mimic a casual discussion between you and a native speaker.

Always start with a brief greeting such as 老师好, as you would in real life. Sounds simple, but it makes you sound natural and relaxed.

Describe the given image


Quickly jump into describing what you see in the image that you have picked by saying, 我今天抽到的图片是关于…”

When describing, keep in mind not to ramble on. This oral isn’t the place to show off your skills in creative writing/speaking. Simply state what you think is happening in the image, it will always tie in with the given caption!

You should only spend a maximum of 1 minute here, as your entire oral should fit between a time frame of 3-4 minutes (this amount of time varies between different teachers, so make sure you’re clear about your instructions).

The key to appealing to the IOC criteria is a well-structured oral. Your description of the image should mention the given caption, then linking directly to your main ideas

The Main Body

Spending 2 minutes on your main ideas can give you well enough time to produce a level 7 response. Quality, not quantity!

Think about 3 main points to expand on.

For example: Healthy eating…

  1. …helps maintain your ideal weight.
  2. …leads to a better life.
  3. …reduces the risk of malnutrition and/or chronic diseases.

You should consistently refer back to the key words in the given caption such as “饮食”, “健康” and “重要性” from the example above, which refrains you from going off-topic. Slot them in whenever you make a point!

Key tip: always use conjunctive adverbs (首先,此外, etc.) to show coherence and structure.

Hit Them With Some Facts

What makes you sound smarter? Facts, of course.

Within the explanation of your 3 points, place in statistics and research data to show a wider understanding into the topic you’re discussing.

Best if you manage to remember the exact numbers, however if your brain fails you, don’t be afraid to make up your own numbers (don’t tell them we said that.)

Psychologically, an exact number provides validity to further strengthen your argument/point.

A good example of this is “根据最近的科学研究” or “新闻报道

Using 自问自答 (hypophora) – Giving An Alternative Perspective

Hypophoria is useful in making your speech lively and conversational. This rhetorical device can be used to introduce consequences.

Propose a hypothetical situation: “如果我们不关注健康的饮食,会有什么的后果呢?

This shows that you are able to think of a well-rounded argument of why healthy eating is important.

Concluding Your Oral – Giving An Alternative Method/Solution

Similarly, suggesting other methods to solve the problem in the given caption demonstrates flexible thinking, thus giving you bonus points.

In the case of “饮食与健康的重要性”, you may touch upon alternative ways to improve health. Use remaining time to elaborate on topics such as exercise, maintaining low stress, etc

And Finally…

Remember to constantly look at the time, talk clearly, and most importantly… Never start a new point you can’t finish!

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