A day with your everyday brands in China. It is NOT the same experience.


China currently holds the title of the biggest manufacturing country. Up to the point where all of us have owned at least one item that was made in China.


However, that doesn’t mean that everything made in China is genuine. You will be amazed as to how many fake iPhones have been sold with something slightly altered from the original:

Join us on a journey to China and see if you can recognise any brands you know.

(Spoiler, you have never heard of any of them in your life)


Let’s begin your day by choosing what you’re gonna wear for the day with “Abidas”

To keep you awake, enjoy a nice cup of a Grande Americano at “Sunbucks”

You then make your way to work at the “Michaelsoft” headquarters and work on your newest project: “Michaelsoft Binbows”

On your way home, you receive a reminder from Facebook that your best friend’s birthday (which you forgot) is tomorrow. So you rush to the nearest convenience store to get a Spotify gift card for them at:

The moment you leave “1 Sun”, you receive an invitation from your boss, telling you that you will need to attend “a meeting with the shareholders” first thing in the morning tomorrow.


Knowing that your clothes at home are either inappropriate or not washed, you quickly buy a one-off suit from:

You spent all your money buying that new suit. So I guess it is another night of “Cheese Burger” for dinner:

After all the hassle, you finally arrive home and quickly change into your “HIKE” slippers and “TUNA” home clothes.

After a long day’s work, you finally have some time to yourself. You want to turn on the TV but the remote is not working. Guess it is time to change the batteries:

Finally, everything is set up. You text your mates, telling the squad to come online on their “PolyStation” and play “Battle for the Last Chicken”

The next thing you know, it is already 4 am the next day.


Better get the Dolce & Banana suit ready!


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