A guide to ALL the question types in the IB Chinese SL B Reading Paper


Prior to tackling your Paper 1, it is extremely important that you understand the various question formats that you will encounter, as well as what each command term is asking you do fulfil. This way, you can guarantee that you’re answering each question in the correct format. Below we have listed all the question types and explained the most correct way of answering them.


“According to _____, pick the correct answer, and write the answer in the boxes below.”

This is essentially a multiple choice style question. The demands are very simple, find the correct answer and then write the corresponding letter in the box provided. Find sentences in the original text that correspond with one of the multiple choice answers by looking for vocab that is similar in both the text and the final answer.

If the answer isn’t clear, try and work out the answer by ruling out unlikely answers, up until you only have one option left.


“According to _____, complete the following table.”

This is one of the more complex question formats. As often the question itself won’t explain how to fill the table, but rather it is then up to the student to deduce what the remaining cells are supposed to be filled with.

Some examples are: write in the subject of the sentence (e.g. “____想要去看新加坡的景色“, the answer might be “小明”, as he is the subject of the sentence that has been blanked.

When facing this type of question format, it is very important to look at the example answer given at the top in bold, and also examine where the example answer appears in the text. This way, you can more accurately find the answer.

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“Choose the most appropriate sentence ending and put the answer in the boxes provided”

This question is looking for you to link two halves of a sentence that have been cut up. The method for this question is very simple. All you have to do is read the sentence through with each possible ending, most of the time the correct answer is clear purely due to how the sentence flows.

However if not, compare the topics covered in each half of the sentence and see if they make sense.

If it’s still not clear, try and rule out the unlikely endings, just like for multiple choice questions.


“According to _____, answer the following questions”

This is a short answer question where you are expected to quote directly from the text to answer the question. However, don’t just quote the full sentence, only quote the phrase that is directly relevant to the question. This is super important, as you can lose marks for including irrelevant parts of the text!

For example:

In response to 为什么网购可以找到好朋友?, the full sentence that contains the answer is


But, instead of copying out the whole sentence, an appropriate answer would be to just write





“According the content in _______, pick the most appropriate term from below and fill in the blank.”

This kind of question is looking to see if you can recognise the most appropriate term for a sentence in the text.

Often the options in this kind of question will be a conjunction term. So in order to nail this, make sure that you’ve sufficiently prepared your conjunctions, so that you can guarantee that you can confidently answer this question.

If not, like many of the other questions, try and work backwards by ruling out unlikely answers, until your left with the most likely option.  


“According to ____, pick the correct description of the text and put the answer in the box provided”

This question is one of the harder ones, as it wants you to be able to correctly recognise a summary of a point or event from the text. If you can understand the next well already, then this would be easy.

But if you’re slightly unclear with the meaning of the text, try and look for vocab or synonyms of the vocab used in the extract, and compare with the multiple choice options.

If not, as mentioned before, try and deduce which answer is the correct one by ranking the answers in terms of likeliness.


“According to _____, decide whether the description below is true or false. Tick the correct response then justify with a quote from the text. Both a correct tick and correct quotation are required to gain a mark.”

This question is probably has the most effort required for the least reward, but is still very important to get correct.

Similar to the previous type of question, it wants you to be able to correctly recognise a summary of a point or event from a text, but instead of just from a list of choice, it wants you to recognise and justify yourself why it’s true.

To nail this question, first of all decide whether you think the statement is true or false. If unclear, use the same method for other questions if your unclear – try and deduce the most likely answer.

Following this, it’s important to quote accurately and concisely. This means just like the short answer questions, you should only quote the relevant part of the text, as if you quote irrelevant phrases, you can lose that precious mark.

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