Little known facts about Dimsum


The Chinese recognize good food. That’s why dim sum is among the most popular of Chinese foods. Here are some interesting facts about dim sum:


Dim sum is where the heart is

Dim sum is 点心 (Diǎnxīn) in Mandarin. Literally translated, 点心 means ‘with a touch of the heart’. This reflects how the creation of dim sum requires years of practice to make everything perfect.

Dim sum chefs are morning people

Since the process of making dim sum time-consuming, chefs often have to get up at the break of dawn to prepare pastries, mince fish meat and marinate beef. If you are a night owl hoping to work in the industry, too bad!

Customers also used to be morning people

Traditionally, dim sum was served as an early morning meal. Since dim sum was so popular, dim sum started to be offered at lunch in modern restaurants. However, Chinese restaurants nowadays still open early in the morning to serve a crowd of traditional food-lovers.

More is better

More people eating dim sum together is better. If you’re eating alone, you might already be full after finishing one dish of steamed shrimp dumplings (there are usually 3 or 4 servings in a dish). If there are several people at the table, you can each eat a serving and try the next dish. There’s no need to fight for food and you all get to eat more. Everyone wins.

Don’t forget dessert

Generally, if people think of dim sum, they imagine people having steamed and fried food while sipping tea. They would miss out on the glorious world of dim sum desserts. Delicacies such as fried sweet taro balls 炸芋头球 (Zhà yùtou qiú) and egg tarts 蛋挞 (Dàntà) are loved by children and adults alike. Missing them would almost be a crime.

So, next time you’re trying to think of a nice social activity with good food, why not consider having dim sum at a Chinese restaurant? You can have the best of everything!


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