North Pole + Bear = Polar Bear (Same for Chinese)


Everyone knows what this majestic animal is, right?

Anyone with basic knowledge on biology can recognize this as a polar bear. A carnivorous predator who roams the arctic. Fair enough.

In Chinese, the polar bear is called “北極熊” (běi jí xióng). The logic behind this cannot be clearer. “北極” (běi jí) can be split into to characters. “北”(běi) translates to “north” and “極” (jí) translates to extreme. “North extreme” or “Extreme North”? Sounds like the North Pole.

熊” (xióng) is the Chinese name for bear. “North Pole Bear” is basically the meaning of “polar bear”. “Polar” is used to denote the word’s association with the Earth’s poles.

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