The solution to your neighbor that seems to own a zoo: The Neighbor Revenge Machine


What Taobao has that Amazon doesn’t: a solution to your neighbor that seems to own a zoo”

Stores like Amazon and Walmart have made life infinitely easier. Prime shipping is simply a privilege we do not deserve, and we’ll probably end up taking it for granted. And when you can get everything at Walmart, why go anywhere else?

But do they sell the most practical of items? Like machines that seem to rid of the sledgehammers that your neighbors have for feet? Or eradicate the zoo that they seem to have hid from Animal Control.

I think not. If you’re in dire need of these super practical items, Taobao is the place for you! The only “drawback” is that the website is in Chinese and the suppliers communicate in Chinese. So if you want deals upon deals, you might need to step up your Chinese.

This isn’t really a drawback and in fact it can turn into your advantage. We’ll give you some examples of more useful items you can get.


A Place to Live

Taobao: $273,410.52 USD

Amazon: Sorry, these aren’t available here.

Why go house hunting when you can search from your couch? You can place a bid and see how it goes. Can’t find such necessities like this on Amazon.

A Portable Sauna

Amazon: $74 USD

Taobao: $32.62 USD

These are undoubtedly strange products, and on Taobao you’ll find numerous of these for sale while Amazon has much less of a selection. This shows you the amount of suppliers and the range of products Taobao has.

Why not start your Taobao adventure with a nice couples sauna session.

Someone to wake you up

Taobao: $0.90-$50 USD

Amazon: Not even fair anymore.

If you struggle to wake up for school or work, you can simply pay for someone to call you. This isn’t that friend who gives up after two rings, but this service will call 15-20 times. You just select the time slot you want and that’s it.

You can also select a super hyper alarm, and even buy a subscription package. Pretty legit.

Neighbor Revenge Machine

Taobao: $20.90 USD

Amazon: …

If you need to match the noise levels of your neighbor, this machine is for you. Although it does cause noise for you as well, your neighbor is already causing a ruckus so it won’t really matter.

For just 20 bucks, get your neighbor to stop being a jerk!


Although these are strange products, Taobao has a full range of normal goods that often are cheaper than the normal western marketplace. Of course you’ll need to watch out for fake goods, but that’s all the more reason to learn Chinese.

Open up a vaster range of goods and services that you’d never be able to find on Amazon or at Walmart. Why go house shopping when you can do it from your couch?


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