FAQ's & Chinese Language Lesson Plan Details

Our Lessons

(1) How do I start learning?

Start by creating an account with MeeOpp for free! Fill in key details such as your name and contact details, followed by an assessment form which helps to recommend the appropriate and fun topics relevant to you. The assessment shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. Once that’s all done you will receive a free 30 minute trial session!

(2) What is the purpose of the assessment form when I sign up?

The assessment form is meant to tailor fit your learning journey with MeeOpp. The form has questions that gauge your Mandarin abilities and also topics of interest, which will be used to fine-tune the sessions that you will be taking with us!

(3) How do I begin learning after I have signed up?

After filling out your assessment form, select a time that you would like to learn at our ‘bookings’ page. You can access this by going to your ‘welcome’ drop-down menu at the top right hand side → click ‘bookings’. We will send you a confirmation email once we have assigned the appropriate instructor for you.

(4) How do I book a session?

Go on to “Upcoming Lessons” tab and click on “Schedule a Lesson”. Simply select the time that you want to learn. And it will be confirmed! You will receive an email confirmation as well.

(5) How do I purchase a lesson pack?

Lesson packs can be purchased in our main curriculum page at www.meeopp.com/curriculum. Packs purchased here kickstart your learning journey based on your core learning objectives. After you have completed the lesson pack you may wish to purchase extra sessions to supplement your learning, explained below.

(6) How do I purchase more sessions?

Click on the ‘MeeCoins’ icon at the top right hand corner → Purchase MeeCoins. For more information on MeeCoins, please click on our pricing page.

(7) Do my sessions expire?

Yes. However, we have a very relaxed policy of learning 1 session per week. So for example, if you have purchased our 6 hour beginner pack (i.e. 12 sessions of 30 minutes each), your sessions will expire 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

(8) How are MeeCoins related to my lesson packs?

Lesson packs are priced separately even though they display the number of MeeCoins you collect when you purchase them. Only when you purchase additional sessions will the MeeCoins be relevant in counting how many lessons you have remaining (i.e. 30 MeeCoins = 1 session = 30 minute lesson).

(9) What are voice call packages?

Voice call packages supplement and reinforce your learning at convenient times. The instructor will call you at a pre-scheduled time which you can practice your mandarin through conversation.

(10) How long is each session?

Each session is 30 minutes long, you can mix and match to increase the length of your lesson to 60 minutes, which counts as 2 sessions.

(11) How do I see upcoming sessions?

When you are logged in, your main landing page will show any upcoming sessions you may have. You can also access this at your ‘welcome’ drop-down menu at the top right hand side → click on “lessons”.

(12) Are sessions the same as lessons?

Yes, they are the same. You can think about a lesson as the entire learning period for the day. For example, if you have 2 sessions booked on Saturday from 9am-11am, that will be your lesson.

(13) Where can I see my upcoming session?

You can see them in your ‘lessons’ page. To access this, please click on your ‘welcome’ drop-down menu at the top right hand side → click ‘lessons’ → ‘upcoming lessons’.

(14) How do I start a session?

Simply login to our website. You can access the session in the ‘upcoming lessons’ page → click on ‘start session’. The session will be enabled 15 minutes prior, and you can access this page also via links provided in your 20 hour reminder or acknowledgement email.

(15) Should I review my session?

Yes! In fact, MeeOpp encourages students to rate and give comments after each session. You can do so at the end of your lesson. Our system will prompt you to rate and review your lesson - so we can continuously improve your learning experience!

(16) What medium are the classes conducted in?

All of our classes are done through our proprietary MeeOpp system. Other than 1-1 live instructor with our instructors, we also provide for voice calling packages. Our technology supports web and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Your Account

(17) Can I view my profile details?

Yes, you can do so by clicking on your ‘welcome’ drop-down menu at the top right hand side → click ‘profile’.

(18) What if I’ve forgotten my password?

Select ‘Forgot password’ in the login page and enter your email, you will be able to reset your password with the provided link to your email.

(19) Why am I unable to retrieve my password?

Your email needs to be verified before you can reset your password, please make sure after signing up to verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your email inbox.

(20) How do I verify my email if I have not already?

You can do so by going to your ‘profile’ page → click on the ‘verify’ button below your email.


(21) How do I contact my instructor?

You will automatically be connected to the instructor once a lesson has been booked in, there’s no need to contact them once you’ve specified your preferred time. MeeOpp does all the heavy-lifting for you!

(22) Can I request for an instructor?

Yes! If you really enjoy learning from a particular instructor, you can let us know in your review after the session. You can also email us at info@meeopp.com.

(23) What if the instructor doesn’t show up for a lesson?

Our instructors are well-trained to follow-through with a lesson. If he or she doesn't not show up, please contact us immediately at info@meeopp.com and we will fix the problem for you!

(24) How does MeeOpp get the instructors?

We carefully screen the instructors and do background check on each of them so we can ensure safety and trust to each student. All of our teachers have basic 2-3 years teaching experience, have a native accent, are bilingual and also very personable and caring!

(25) What if I’m not happy with my instructor?

At MeeOpp, we put students at the core of our focus. If you are not happy with an instructor, you may contact us anytime at: +852 6179 9708 or email us at: info@meeopp.com. We would be more than happy to change your instructor for the following class - and to help you find the best fit.

(26) What if I need to cancel the class because of unprecedented situations?

You may cancel the class you book no later than 24 hours before your class. If not, you will be billed for the hours as we need to respect the instructor’s time.
Specifically, if you wish to cancel the lesson within 12 hours before your class, you will be charged ⅔ of your lesson fee. If you wish to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged half of your lesson fee. If you do not show up for your lesson, you will be charged 100% fee for the lesson.

(27) Can I have multiple instructors?

Yes, you are assigned instructors based on availability and your level of Mandarin.

(28) How do you monitor classes by your instructors?

MeeOpp maintains the highest standards with our instructors by reviewing each lesson and the feedback received.

(29) May I request for a special subject that MeeOpp doesn’t offer?

We are happy to receive any suggestions, please send them to info@meeopp.com.

(30) Would instructors get all my information?

No, your personal information is stored with MeeOpp. The instructors will only receive the necessary information needed to teach the best lesson possible.


(31) How do I select an appropriate curriculum for my needs?

The assessment form that you have filled out will help gauge your Mandarin abilities. Furthermore, you have control over the topic that you would like to learn prior to any session, you can select it after you’ve booked in a time to learn. Lesson packs are also specifically tailored to your level and learning needs. If you are unsure of what to choose, feel free to contact us at info@meeopp.com. Finally, your instructor will also recommend any suitable topics as you progress through our lessons.

(32) What if there’s a topic I’m interested in isn’t listed?

We are always happy to listen to feedback and suggestions regarding hot topics of interest! Please email us at info@meeopp.com and the curriculum team will curate new content based on demand.

(33) How do I access my lesson recaps?

You can do so by going to ‘lessons’ → click on ‘vocabulary review’ on the left hand side


(34) How long is one session?

One session is 30 minutes, so a 60 minute class is two sessions.

(35) How are MeeCoins related to my lesson packs?

Lesson packs are priced separately even though they display the number of MeeCoins you collect when you purchase them. Only when you purchase additional sessions will the MeeCoins be relevant in counting how many lessons you have remaining (i.e. 30 MeeCoins = 1 session = 30 minute lesson).

(36) Are my MeeCoins transferable?

Yes! We encourage you to share the love for learning. If you if want to gift your MeeCoins or transfer them to someone else (like a loved one), just email us at info@meeopp.com and we'll sort it out for you!

(37) Can my MeeCoins be redeemed for cash?

No, the MeeCoins are not redeemable for cash.

(38) How do I check my MeeCoin balance?

You can check this in your ‘wallet’ by going to the top right hand side → click on ‘welcome’ → ‘wallet’.

Lesson Troubleshoot

(39) I am experiencing lag or bad video quality during the session

If you are experiencing any issues during the class. The key is to hit the “refresh” button! If the issue persists please contact us at info@meeopp.com or call/whatsapp us anytime at +852 6179 9708 and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

(40) How do I maximise my audio quality?

We recommend using a headset that has a mic, this will help provide for more clarity in both the audio you receive and the voice that your instructor will hear.

(41) My video is not connecting

Make sure to click the ‘Click to start session’ when you are on the video interface with the instructor. The session opens 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you have dialed in prior to the instructor, you can notify them by clicking the button ‘Notify instructor you are in the video room’.

(42) Recommended browser

We recommend using the lastest versions of Chrome or Firefox as your browser for the most stable experience!

(43) Recommended device

MeeOpp supports mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. However, for the most immersive experience, a laptop or desktop would be best as it allows you to lay out your video room’s interface on a large screen.

Happy Learning!